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Tuition & Class Preparation

Tuition for the 7 session swim program:
$750 per student, payable the first day.
Please put your child's name on the check.

Class Preparation
  1. Take care of restroom before coming to class to minimize intrusion at the host's home.
  2. No flotation devices or goggles.
  3. No food or drink at least an hour and one half before the lesson. No meat, no dairy (cheese, eggs, etc.) 5 hours prior to any lesson. Applesauce (without sugar) is fine anytime.
  4. Swim diaper if needed.
  5. Bring a towel and change of clothes.
  6. Arrive on time.
  7. Pool temperature will be between 92 and 93 degrees.
  8. Lessons will be held regardless of weather
    (in case of lightning, no one is in the pool until it passes).
  9. Photographs and video are permitted.
Lessons are held daily regardless of weather, but in case of lightning and thunder, no one shall be in the pool until the storm abates.

The lessons may be held at your pool, or neighbor's pool, etc. The session will be seven lessons.

Classes are held on 3 1/2 consecutive days. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your lesson time and allow 10 minutes of instruction time for your lessons (although through her experience Mrs. Karen determines when that particular class is done for the day). Under no circumstances should you be concerned about number of minutes but more importantly, the quality of instruction and the final results.

Continuity is the key to success. It is helpful if the student is brought to the class by the same person each day.

Be reassured that each and every child will try to manipulate "the bringer" whenever possible.

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