Mrs. Karen's Swim Safe In 3 1/2 Days
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Keep your child safe around water.

Karen Burke, known as Mrs. Karen, is a professional swim instructor who has taught over a thousand children to swim since 2014. She taught alongside Ed Durkin for four years using the Bradbury Method. Over 87,000 people have learned to swim for more than 50 years using this no-nonsense approach to swimming.

Mrs. Karen and Mr. Ed swim instructors with children in pool

Remember, Mrs. Karen is in control of all aspects of the learning experience for both students and parents.

Each class is designed to give every child individual attention.

The no nonsense method of instruction is time tested.

It works, watch and enjoy your child learn a life skill.

Both child and parent will experience all of the following during the water Safety Classes:

• Discipline
• Trust
• Control
• Manipulation
• Credibility
• Continuity
• Practice
• Support
• Conditional Response
• Pride
• Life Skill

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