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Mrs. Karen Swim Instuctor

Mrs. Karen changed my daughter's trajectory as a swimmer. It was quite miraculous to me actually that the first year we took the 4-day class that my daughter's swimming changed instantaneously and then continued to grow and progress throughout the rest of the year. What I found so amazing about Mrs. Karen and her method that 3 days of coming twice a day for 10 minutes changed my then 2.5 year old daughter's style of swimming. We had been taking lessons for an entire year and never once did our instructor tell her to tuck her chin, which Mrs. Karen did the first day and helped Pearl to swim horizontal versus vertical. Mrs. Karen worked on her kicking and all of it came to my daughter with such ease. By the end of that summer my daughter was swimming across the shallow end by herself!!!

We returned the next year and Mrs. Karen worked on her arm movements and how to swim free style, kicking and diving. Once again, her swimming changed within an instant! By the beginning of August my 3.5 year old daughter was swimming by herself from the shallow to the deep end while understanding how to come up for air and then continue her freestyle stroke.

At camp all the swim counselors could not believe her swimming skills which I only attribute to Mrs. Karen. The save yourself aspect of the program was something that truly put myself and my husband's mind at ease. On the last day Mrs. Karen went over all of the most important things to keep in mind safety wise, which being around a pool for a young child we all know is of the utmost importance. I plan to come back again this summer to continue working on her breathe control and stroke.

As for Mrs. Karen as a person, she is a delight and so kind, loving and patient with the children!!! I tell everyone I know they have to get a spot with Mrs. Karen because I live in NYC and there is not one instructor or program that I have found that could match or beat her teachings.


Robyn E.
East Hampton, NY

We wanted to make sure our son was safe in the water which prompted us to sign up for Karen's swim session but we're definitely nervous about how he would react to the lessons. From the moment we met Karen our worries were gone. Karen has such a special gift with the way she handles the kids and teaches them. The things my son learned in the lessons are invaluable! Karen made my son feel so comfortable while still emphasizing the importance of safety in water and making sure he really understood what to do. We couldn't believe the results!! Our son learned many safety techniques from Karen as well as how to swim. He's a fish now!! We attended the course two years in a row and will definitely be back again next year! We look forward to our lessons each summer and can't wait to see how much more he progresses each year. this swim course is definitely a Must do!

Laura R.
East Hampton, NY

I was incredibly impressed that Mrs. Karen could teach my children to swim in such a short time. She's very encouraging, patient and supportive during the lessons. I urge any parents with young children to sign up with Mrs. Karen. My kids love her!"

Steve L.
East Hampton, NY

I'm so glad that I found Mrs. Karen and that my son, James, who was 3 when he took her class, was able to have her as a swimming teacher. He was instantly at ease with her and responded very well to her gentle and calm manor of teaching. Not only did she have him physically swimming by the end, but she also changed his attitude towards the water in general. She made him feel safe and confident. Each day she had him swimming further and further from the edge of the pool, which was a vast improvement. I also liked that after only a few short classes she would lower him into the pool and he would kick his way up to the top, turn around and grab the edge of the pool. I only wish she lived closer. Her class was worth every penny.

Melinda R.
Greenwich, CT

We signed up for Mrs. Karen's swim class with the hopes of turning our 6 year old son into a swimmer. We had tried other classes and camps and nothing seemed to give him the push and encouragement he needed to get over his fears and hesitations. The combination of some sensory challenges, and his lack of confidence with tackling challenging or new situations, made the task of teaching him to swim even more daunting. In one of our son's early classes with Mrs. Karen, he was so reluctant to the idea of going under water that he ran away from the pool screaming. Three days later, he was swimming on his own. He was confident and comfortable, and the best part of the experience was that he was SO PROUD of himself. Mrs. Karen's patience, consistent approach, calmness and positive demeanor were the key ingredients to helping Noah overcome his fears. Having Noah swim independently, of course with our supervision, was a major priority of our family's for the summer and we can honestly say that this course and the skills it gave Noah was the biggest gift of our summer (and probably the best $ we ever spent on a class for our children!). He is now jumping into pools, swimming confidently with friends and family, and we feel comfortable knowing that he could save himself in the water, should he need to. He learned invaluable survival skills from Mrs. Karen's class, and also learned a lot about himself, and what he was capable of - I highly recommend this program to parents who are looking for the security of knowing their child can swim independently.

Lara D.
Greenwich, CT


I am so grateful for how you have transformed George's relationship with water - you have a gift. We swam at our club together yesterday and George was just beaming when his friends were so excited to see him jumping in and not crying! He was actually kicking and using his arms without me prompting, and I know we will continue to make great progress this summer.

See you next year!


Kate F.
New Canaan, CT

Dear Karen,

I need to thank you for the incredible gift you've given us this summer. As you may recall, Luke was pretty nervous during our lessons in June, but you were right: as soon as we were in our own environment (literally the day after our last lesson), he has developed a deep love for swimming and practicing the skills you taught him. He even jumped off the side to swim to us that day. He's starting to use his arms more and really look around under water. Thank you, thank you for your kind and skillful care in teaching Luke to be safe in and love the water.


Leslie N.
Darien, CT

Dear Mrs. Karen,

We wanted to follow-up with you to Thank You for the incredible transformation our 5 year old, Jasper, experienced after your weekend swimming session. Prior to your lessons, he was very frightened of swimming pools, not to mention even getting his hair or face wet in the bath tub.

After an entire summer camp where teachers could not even get him in the pool, we had our doubts. But we were so happy, emotional and proud when after just 5 minutes in the water with you, we could literally see him facing his fears straight on because of the trust he placed in you. To us, it was nothing short of an incredible transformation within literally 10 minutes. For the remaining sessions of the weekend, he could not wait to get back in the water as soon as possible. It blew our minds.

Thank you so much Mrs. Karen! We'll never forget that weekend, are grateful for what you were able to do with Jasper and couldn't possibly recommend you any stronger to any parent looking to have their children learn to swim, but more importantly, looking to overcome their fears and to raise their confidence and self-esteem. Thank You!

Luis A.
Washington, DC

Hi Mrs. Karen,

Christopher had a wonderful experience with you and we are so grateful for teaching him how to swim and to be comfortable in the water. You are so patient and loving to our children - you truly have a gift.

We hope to see you again next summer with our next son up, Tommy!

All the best to you,

Alex G.
Chevy Chase, MD

Hi Mrs. Karen!

We can't thank you enough for teaching Parker how to swim!!! My husband and I both grew up on the water, and water safety and being comfortable around the water has been something that is at the top of our "list of things that are important for our kids" since before we even had them. We knew it was possible from the great reviews of your program, but we still can't really believe that Parker went from knowing nothing about swimming to where he is now in four days. THANK YOU! Since we finished our lessons we've been swimming in a friend's pool and in the bay at my parents' house in Florida, and he has done great with both. And he remembers the water safety rules you taught him!

Thank you again for teaching him such an important life skill! We really enjoyed meeting you!

Paige and Matt W.
Chevy Chase, MD

Hi Mrs. Karen,

Just a month after finishing Finn's Lessons with you, he's now jumping off the diving board and swimming to the ladder all by himself! He's somehow figured out how to lift his head up for air, so now he thinks he's a pro.

Thanks so much! I'm amazed how far he's come and your lessons gave him the skills and confidence to do it all! I'm so impressed, as is everyone else at the pool.

Casey B.
Chevy Chase, MD

Hi Karen!

Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons the past week! Hayden really enjoyed them, and I think she really grew a lot from the first lesson. We plan to have her practicing all summer and will certainly report back! You really are so great and calm with the kids, and I was amazed watching how they transform. Have a great summer!

Jen T.
Chevy Chase, MD

We took Mrs. Karen's intensive swim lessons with our son age 3 and 4 months old the summer of 2019 in Washington, DC. His first lesson there were a few tears, after that his confidence flourished. He can safely get to the side of a pool and self rescue to exit himself. I am so much more comfortable and have clear methods to practice for Charlie. We saw a friend's daughter last year save herself in a pool full of adults in a few short seconds, once we saw that we were sold to sign up. I highly recommend and my local pediatrician in Maryland took this program this year as well! Doctor and Mother approved. Thanks Karen.

Flynn O.
Washington, DC

All 3 of my children have learned to swim with Mrs. Karen. My oldest, who is 6 now, took this course in 2014, for the 1sttime, and, we have since sent our other 2 through it, as well... I love the length of the program, how much they are able to teach the children in such a finite period and that you leave the program knowing how to continue working with/teaching your child. Each of my children learned to swim during their first session with Mrs. Karen. The instruction ramps them up quickly to where their skill level is peaked, then, you are given the tools to continue working with the child throughout the summer/year.

For us, this program is priceless... Last summer, in 2019, my youngest child (age 2) did the program. He learned to swim and save himself if he fell in the pool. We never thought we would need him to save himself, we are always watching and very careful, but, we are around water a lot/love the water and I have always felt strongly that our children needed to have the skills to survive as soon as they were able. A couple of weeks, after the course, we were at the beach. The house, that we stayed in, had a pool. My husband and I were taking the children to swim and had instructed them not to get in the water until we were ready. Well, 2 year olds don't always listen and our youngest has no fear (I am sure many of you can relate). He got in the pool and we did not see him do it. Before we realized, he was pulling himself out and was crying. He had thought that he could stand on a stair and was in no danger. Well, he stepped off of that stair and fell in... thanks to the training he had, with Mrs. Karen, he did not panic, he looked for the wall, swam to the wall and pulled himself out. He was frightened/shaken up, after the fact and so were we. You always hear people say it happens so quickly, but, you never really know that until it happens to you. Now, we may have seen him quickly and gotten to him in time, but, I am glad we didn't have to get to that point. I still get choked up when I think of how things could have ended, differently, if he hadn't learned his skills from Mrs. Karen. We look forward to sending him back, again, this summer to further his skills and foster his love of the water.

Thank you, Mrs. Karen, for teaching our children to love and respect the water and for giving them the skills to thrive.

Gigi S.
Raleigh, NC

Mrs. Karen,

This is LONG overdue, but I wanted to send my sincere appreciation for your time and efforts in teaching Eloise how to swim this summer. She had the most wonderful time and still talks about her time with you. She is doing fantastic and remembers everything you taught her about form and the rules. You can tell she is proud of herself! I am blown away by the progress she made in those few short days with you and we will continue to work with her as you showed us. It was a fantastic experience, and I am so glad that it worked out for us to participate. Thanks again and have a fantastic off season!!

Best Regards,

Rory R.
Raleigh, NC


Thank you so much for helping Ben this week. I can't tell you how happy I am that we signed up and can't wait to continue practicing this summer.

I will of course keep a close eye on him, but it gives me such peace of mind knowing that Ben has at least a few skills in his back pocket when we are at the pool this summer, especially since I'll have his little brother with me as well. I think even more, though, I have loved watching Ben be successful at something he was so scared of just two days ago. Watching his confidence soar and the pride he had in himself with your coaching was so wonderful. Thank you for your patience.

Have a wonderful summer and thank you again for everything!

Melissa L.
Charlotte, NC

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